Pastor’s Luncheon:

Hobby Lobby President Steve Green is co-hosting a luncheon for you that will feature special guests William Lane Craig, Del Tackett, Frank Turek, and Everett Piper on Friday, July 25 at First Baptist Church in Moore, OK. The luncheon is free of charge and open only to pastors, church leaders, and their spouses.  For More Information and Reservations, Click Here.

The Eighth Annual

Friday night, July 25 from 6:30 to 10 pm
Saturday morning, July 26 from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
First Baptist Church in Moore
301 N. E. 27th Street * Moore  (I-35 & N.E. 27th)

Del Tackett (The Truth Project)
“Why Worldview is Important” & “The State”
Frank Turek (Cross Examined)
“Intellectual Predators: How Professors Prey on Christian Students” &
“The Case Against Same Sex Marriage”
Dr. Brion McClanahan  (Historian/Author)
“Nullification” & “Defending The Original Constitution: 1787-1861”
Pastor & State Representative Dan Fisher
“State’s Rights”
Pastor Paul Blair
“Biblical Principles of Government”
Pastor Kevin Clarkson

8.5×11 Printable Flyer in pdf
2-up Bulletin Inserts in pdf

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