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The LiveStream Events for the Reclaiming Worldview Conference are below.

 Friday Night
6:45Opening and Welcome with Pastor Kevin Clarkson
7:00 Frank Turek: Overview – Look Who Is Waiting For You On Campus   
7:20Kayla Leinneweber: The Condition Of The Local Campus   
7:30Mike Adams: Ten Step Plan, Part 1   
8:20Paul Blair: Protect Life and Marriage – Update and Appeal
8:35Break – Exhibits Open
9:05J. Warner Wallace: Cold Case Reliability Of The Gospels  
 Saturday Morning
9:00Opening and Welcome with Pastor Kevin Clarkson    
9:10Frank Turek: I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist
10:00Mike Adams: Ten Step Plan Part 2  
10:50Break – Exhibits Open 
11:20J. Warner Wallace: Cold Case Resurrection
12:10Frank Turek: Stealing From God –
 Why Atheists Need God To Make Their Case
1:00Closing Comments – Exhibits Open

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Protect Life and Marriage OK!

Protect Life and Marriage OK!

Christians from across all denominations are working together to END abortion and stop the illegal attempt to redefine marriage in Oklahoma.

Pastors United for Life

No matter the denomination, we stand for life


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