There’ve been times when I’ve said that citizens of certain countries should be embarrassed for being from that country – now I know how they feel.  It pains me to say this, but on September 23, 2009 I was embarrassed to be an American.  Well, maybe not embarrassed to be an American but certainly embarrassed that my president’s name is Barack Hussein Obama.

For Americans who embrace the Judeo/Christian principles upon which our nation was founded, who revere the Founders and the brilliance that produced documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, who believe the American way of life has produced the greatest nation in history, who believe that among the nations of the world, America is the last, best hope for personal liberty, and who believe that the Obama administration is in the process of systematically dismantling a republic that for the past 233 years has provided more freedom to more people than any other government in history, it turned our stomachs to hear the world’s dictators lauding and praising our president.

In his speech before the 64th session of the U.N. General Assembly, Barack Hussein Obama seized the opportunity to promote unilateral nuclear disarmament among tyrants who are breaking their necks and their people’s backs to develop nuclear weapons; tyrants who would launch those nukes against us in a New York U.N. minute if they could.  President Obama also didn’t miss the chance to bash Israel, our ally, in front of the whole world while he practically blamed America, his own country, for every evil in the world from the exploitation of the poor to global warming.  He added to this outrage by arrogantly turning his back on repeated requests for a meeting by one of our greatest allies, Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

And the insult of all insults to American patriots was hearing Islamic terrorists like Moammar Khadafy calling Obama his “son” and saying that he hopes Obama will remain America’s president for the rest of his life.  If it is true that the friends a man keeps best reflect his character, then it is also true that his enemies reveal as much, if not more.  The fact that tyrannical dictators like Moammar Khadafy and Hugo Chavez, who should see the President of the U.S. as their enemy, adore Barack Obama speaks volumes about our president; volumes that disturb many of us.  Amazingly, President Obama seems to revel in this demented adulation as he cozies up to our enemies, bashes our allies, and trashes his own country.

Then there’s Barack Hussein’s Obama’s obvious bias in favor of the Muslim faith and against the Christian faith evidenced by his refusal to publicly observe the “Christian” National Day of Prayer while he personally hosted a banquet in honor of the Muslim holiday, Ramadan.  Maybe his middle name is more representative than we had feared, but that’s a subject for a future rant.

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