Civil Government

Below are some suggested resources if you would like to develop and strengthen your worldview on the purpose and practice of civil government. This will not be the end of your training, but this will be a great beginning to help you develop a Biblical worldview on Civil Government.

Watch “Overview of America”; it contrasts the different economic and political system in a very simple to understand lesson.

Watch this presentation on “The State” by Dr. Del Tackett, who did The Truth Project.

I highly recommend the entire series “The Truth Project” for worldview training.  You can purchase the entire series ( or find someone who has it and borrow the series.

Watch the presentation “Biblical Principles of Government”. Beginning in Acts 3, true Christianity has always been persecuted. Only in America and only for the last 200 years have Christians experienced both civil and religious liberty. Learn why America was at one time exceptional.

Watch this video on “State Sovereignty” by Pastor and Oklahoma State Representative Dan Fisher. America is not a nation of 300 million people ruled by Washington. America is a voluntary union of sovereign states that delegated limited powers to the central government in Washington. We must remember proper order if we are going to restore the proper rule of law in America and reign in overspending and unconstitutional acts.