Islam is aggressively spreading its message (dawa) of deception across America playing on the fact that most Americans are uninformed about Islam’s history and doctrine. On January 5, the local Islamic Society ran a full page ad in the Oklahoman full of misleading statements and outright lies. Our goal is to equip you, the reader, with the facts. One false statement in their ad asked, “Did you know Muslims believe in the same God as Jews and Christians?” Below is a photo taken in Nazareth a few years ago.

This passage from the Quran was a statement to all Christian tourists visiting the city. It directly contradicts John 3:16 which states that “God…gave His only begotten Son.” Two statements that directly contradict each other cannot both be true. Hence, we do not worship the same God. Also, consider these passages from the Quran:

· Believers, take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends. Surah 5:51
· Infidels are those who declare: God is the Christ, the son of Mary. Surah 5:17
· Infidels are those that say “God is one of three in a Trinity.” Surah 5:73

The ad by the local Islamic society claims that we all worship the same God, yet the later verses of the Quran (Medina Verses) tell Muslims not to take Jews and Christians for their friends. Islam denies the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, yet the ad claims that we all worship the same God. Islam calls those that believe in the Trinity infidels, yet the ad claims that we all worship the same God. The writers of the ad are either very confused or they are attempting to confuse us.

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