The LiveStream Events for the 2017 Reclaiming Worldview Conference are below.

Friday Night
6:45Opening and Welcome with Pastor Kevin Clarkson
7:00 Frank Turek: Overview – Look Who Is Waiting For You On Campus
7:20Kayla Leinneweber: The Condition Of The Local Campus
7:30Mike Adams: Ten Step Plan, Part 1
8:20Paul Blair: Protect Life and Marriage – Update and Appeal
8:35Break – Exhibits Open
9:05J. Warner Wallace: Cold Case Reliability Of The Gospels
 Saturday Morning
9:00Opening and Welcome with Pastor Kevin Clarkson    
9:10Frank Turek: I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist
10:00Mike Adams: Ten Step Plan Part 2  
10:50Break – Exhibits Open 
11:20J. Warner Wallace: Cold Case Resurrection
12:10Frank Turek: Stealing From God –
 Why Atheists Need God To Make Their Case
1:00Closing Comments – Exhibits Open