Washington, DC (May 5, 2011) –In response to questioning by U. S Rep. Randy Forbes before the House Judiciary Committee this week, U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder agreed that adult pornography leads to human trafficking, violence against women, and child pornography as seen in this video of his remarks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEzc0yZunpY

            “The War on Illegal Pornography Coalition commends the Attorney General for his insights on the harm from adult pornography,” said Patrick Trueman, director of the coalition. “Now General Holder must start prosecuting the major producers and distributors of illegal adult pornography who are causing the harm.” Trueman explained that current federal obscenity laws prohibit distribution of such materials on the Internet, on cable/satellite TV, on hotel/motel TV, in retail shops and in the mail. 

            “The Obama Administration has not indicted even one major producer of distributor of illegal adult pornography,” he said. “This can only increase sexual trafficking, violence against women, and child pornography, as the Attorney General himself seems to say.”

            Prosecuting obscene adult pornography is not a drain on resources, Trueman noted. “Federal obscenity law allows the Department of Justice to assess major fines and take the assets of convicted pornographers. In fact, all assets gained from the sale of illegal pornography– bank accounts, investments, assets used in the sale of that material including buildings, equipment, and cars, can be forfeited to the federal government in obscenity cases, “ said Trueman. Fines total up to $250,000 per offense.

            “Harm from adult pornography is now so overwhelming that Attorney General Holder must begin vigorously prosecuting this material,” Trueman added.

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Morality in Media, Inc., is the leading national organization focused on opposing obscenity and indecency through public education and the application of the law. MIM is leading The War on Illegal Pornography, a 90-member coalition of national and state groups whose goal is to stop the distribution illegal pornography. For more information visit www.waronillegalpornography.com, www.moralityinmedia.organdwww.pornharms.com.

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