Homosexual Agenda Invading Oklahoma City

Citizens who support Biblical Values must respond before November 15!

The book “After the Ball,” a manifesto to homosexualize America, was published in 1989.  It outlined 6 steps to accomplish this goal.  Step number one was to desensitize America to homosexuality through the inundation of homosexuals in movies, television shows and advertising.   Step number two was to paint homosexuals as a discriminated against class of victims. 

An additional strategy added in recent years is to implement the homosexual agenda in city, state and county governments working diligently to turn “red” states into “blue”states.  (See 8 minute speech from Millionaire activist Tim Gill:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnrDKCZNs2w)

It is no coincidence that Oklahoma City Councilman Ed Shadid is pushing to add “gender orientation” as a special protected class of employee within the City of Oklahoma City.  This is apparently a payback to one of his major constituency groups as a recent ad in the OKC GAY PROUD program reflects. (See bottom of page for copy of this ad)

A recent article in the Oklahoman (Oct. 31) entitled Sexual Orientation Protection Makes Few Waves Across State stated clearly that there has been only one confirmed case of “discrimination based on sexual orientation in the past 12 years,” and adds that there have been NO cases in recent history.  Why is Councilman Shadid addressing a problem that does not exist? 

All Americans receive equal protection under the law.  We do not need to create an “extra-Constitutional” special protected class of employee.  Ultimately, gender orientation policies infringe on the Religious Liberty that is guaranteed to us in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Chai Feldblum, former ACLU attorney and now Commissioner of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)said this, “There can be a conflict between religious liberty and sexual liberty, but in almost all cases, the sexual liberty should win because that’s the only way that the dignity of gay people can be affirmed in any realistic manner.”  As Feldblum also has been quoted to say, “Gays win, Christians lose!”

You can send a polite email to the Mayor and OKC Council expressing your wish to NOT add “gender orientation” as a special protected class of employee.

MayorMick Cornett(405) 297-2424[email protected]
Ward 1Gary Marrs(405) 297-2404[email protected]
Ward 2Ed Shadid(405) 297-2402[email protected]
Ward 3Larry McAtee(405) 297-2404[email protected]
Ward 4Pete White(405) 297-2402[email protected]
Ward 5David Greenwell(405) 297-2569[email protected]
Ward 6Meg Salyer(405) 297-2402[email protected]
Ward 7Skip Kelly(405) 297-2569[email protected]
Ward 8Patrick Ryan(405) 297-2404[email protected]

The following is a letter sent by Pastor Paul Blair with accompanying documentation.

Dear Councilman _________,

The article entitled Sexual Orientation Protection Makes Few Waves Across State (Oklahoman, pg. 5a, Oct. 31) states clearly that there has been only one confirmed case of “discrimination based on sexual orientation in the past 12 years,” and adds that there had been NO cases in recent history.  Therefore, why are you addressing a problem that does not exist?  Is it possible that Councilman Shadid is simply attempting to push the radical agenda of one of his known constituent groups at the expense of traditional Oklahoma values?


Since Oklahoma citizens already have equal justice under the law, why is the City Council of the largest city in the most conservative, God-fearing state in the Union so anxious to create a special protected class for those that participate in the homosexual lifestyle?  Will you next provide a special class of protection for adulterers?  What about those who struggle with addiction to pornography?  Why is anal intercourse the only perversion that demands to be protected as a special class of citizens?  Advancing poor public policy like this in red states is a stated goal of powerful and well-funded groups promoting the radical homosexual agenda.  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnrDKCZNs2w).

Regarding the ridiculous comment in the paper about the already-passed county policy, “It certainly hasn’t harmed anything in county government,” no, the world doesn’t end the next day after a bad bill is made law or a bad policy is implemented.  President Obama made the same sarcastic jab at Conservatives who opposed Obama-Care.   The day following the forced passage he arrogantly quipped that Armageddon hadn’t happened and the world hadn’t come to an end.  No, and cancer doesn’t kill you immediately after diagnosis, but it begins to slowly over time.  Just as Speaker Pelosi revealed that there is much in the bill we won’t know about until it’s implemented, we, too, will find out the dreadful negative effects of celebrating and encouraging perverse sexual behaviors in our society.

Recently, UCLA released a study that said only 1.5% of the American populace is homosexual, but according to the 2005 CDC reports on HIV, homosexuals are responsible for 72% of all new HIV cases. If this were any other behavior, government would be mobilizing against it.  Rather than celebrating and encouraging this obviously destructive behavior, we should be praying for and warning those who practice sodomy that there are dangerous consequences that come with bad behavior.



72% Total

Moreover, Oklahomans deserve to know that “sexual orientation” laws and policies have been used to negate the religious freedom of citizens who disagree with homosexuality.  Why would Oklahoma want to join the war on religious freedom that always accompanies so-called “sexual orientation/non-discrimination” laws?   Ms. Chai Feldblum, Obama’s appointment as Commissioner of the US EEOC and a radical homosexual activist, has repeatedly and candidly summed up the mindset behind these so called “non-discrimination” policies.  She has publicly stated that the battle between religious freedom and unfettered sexual license (aka homosexual “rights”) is a “zero-sum game,” meaning the two cannot possibly coexist in harmony. It’s a “winner takes all” approach.  When asked about the Christian business owner or religious organization that morally objects to hiring people openly engaged in the homosexual lifestyle, Ms. Feldblum snapped: “Gays win, Christians lose.”  And where Americans’ constitutionally guaranteed right to religious liberty comes into conflict with the postmodern concept of homosexual “rights,” Ms. Feldblum has admitted having “a hard time coming up with any case in which religious liberty should win.”

The bottom line is that Oklahoma is a state that still holds a high regard for the Bible and Christian liberty, and seeks to honor God.  If you insist on unconstitutionally declaring “homosexuality” a special protected class, you will be discriminating against those who believe the Bible and worship the LORD.

We encourage all members of the Oklahoma City Council not to grant an “extra-constitutional” class of protection for Sodomy in the City of Oklahoma City — and thereby undermine the religious liberty upon which our nation was founded.


Pastor Paul K. Blair

Fairview Baptist Church

Some other articles of interest are shown below which again demonstrate that homosexuality is a choice and not genetic or immutable.  To compare “gender orientation” with gender or race is a deceptive tool used by the radical homosexual lobby to advance their agenda.  It is contrary to fact.



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