Moment of Truth
Paul Blair, Pastor of Fairview Baptist Edmond

Why I am no longer Pro-Life, Part 1

Pastor Paul Blair, Reclaiming America for Christ

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel was a 17th Century philosopher whose “dialectic” has been used to create radical social transformation.   A truth claim (thesis) is opposed by a completely contradictory claim (antithesis) and a new truth claim is reached by a compromise between the two (synthesis).   This was a favorite tool used by the founders of communism.

One example we see today is health care.   Four years ago, the Federal Government was not allowed to meddle in nationalizing health care (thesis).  Then, the disaster of Obamacare was forced down our throats (antithesis).  Now, we seem to be celebrating the Republican version of nationalized health care which is only half as bad (synthesis).  See how socialists move us to the left incrementally?

Now consider those of us who have been fighting in the pro-life movement.  We began with the irrefutable fact that abortion is murder.  It is the intentional killing of an innocent human being (thesis).   The godless Planned Parenthood crowd has countered our claim with their anti-thesis that abortion is a woman’s right and should be legal through all nine months of pregnancy.

The well-meaning, but misguided pro-life crowd is celebrating when we limit the murder of pre-born children to 20 weeks or 10 weeks. Without realizing it, we have fallen into the Hegelian trap of compromising what is true and we are working against ourselves.  Abortion is murder.  Abortion is always wrong.  It always has been and always will be.    I no longer simply want to be pro-life.  It’s time to end abortion, not manage it.

Fact 1:  The Federal Government does not have unlimited power.  The Constitution creates, defines and limits what all three branches can and cannot do.

Fact 2:  There is no place in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution that gives the Supreme Court the authority to force the legalization of abortion on the 50 united states.  In fact, life is the first unalienable right guaranteed by both documents

If liberal states can tell the Federal government to buzz off while they legalize marijuana, why don’t we do the same thing for life?  Do you live in an abortion free state?

To be continued…