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Pugh and Holt Attack Religious Liberty

Two Republicans Betray Christian Conservatives and the Republican Party Platform

Barronelle Stutzman, a 72 year old Christian woman, who owned Arlene’s Flowers in Richmond, Washington, is currently facing economic terrorism from the LGBT community.  Barronelle did not discriminate against the homosexual customers that frequented her shop having sold to them for years.  However, when they ordered flowers for their same-sex wedding, she declined saying that action would in effect sanction what she believed was contrary to clear Bible teaching about marriage and would violate her Religious Liberty.

Although this same-sex couple wasn’t damaged in any way as other florists were willing to provide them with flowers, their lawsuit against the 72 year old Stutzman could cost this innocent Christian lady over $2 million in penalties and ruin her business life.

To make sure that same travesty can’t happen in Oklahoma, Senator Joseph Silk and Senator Josh Brecheen passed The Right of Conscience Bill, SB 197 out of committee. This is just the first step in the process; the bill will now go to the full senate.

See below, and please call or email those who supported Religious Liberty and thank them for taking the principled stand for what is right and to protect Oklahoma Christians.   Also, feel free to call those that appear to favor suing 72 year old Christian grandmothers who refuse to endorse gay marriage because of their Biblical Values.

Republicans almost always campaign as conservative, pro-life and pro-family, but actions speak louder than words.

AYES:  (Support your Religious Liberty – the good guys)

NAYS:  (Voted against your Religious Liberty – the bad guys)

Call and thank the good guys and scold the bad guys.  We will continue to keep an eye out for the “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and we will keep score.


Christians from across all denominations are working together to END abortion and stop the illegal attempt to redefine marriage in Oklahoma.  Watch this 2 minute video with pastors standing together, shoulder to shoulder, in this effort.

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